How It Works

Email Flight Tickets to Us

Book flights as normal from your travel agent. Include in your travel related email group or CC us on emails with ticket.

We Will Find Lower Fare

We continue to track the flight prices after ticket booking is completed, up until the day of the departure. We alert if price drops below your ticket price.

You Re-book at Lower Fare & Save

When savings are identified, we help you cancel the old ticket and rebook the new ticket for the same flight or similar flights at a lower price to save money.

Easy To Setup & Save Money

Set up is easy and simple. You can configure the app to maximise the savings and reduce the effort for rebooking.

  • Cancellation and rebooking fees
  • Select same or similar flights
  • Automatic rebooking
  • Email, SMS alerts
  • Web login for team
  • Dashboard to monitor the savings
  • Multi country, multi currency

Works With Any Travel Agent

We understand every corporate has their own choices to make. TrackMyTkt works with any travel agent / travel management company that corporate choses to work with.

  • Travel agent agnostic
  • No need to change travel agent
  • Travel agent re-books new tickets
  • Travel agent cancels old tickets
  • TrackMyTkt doesn’t do any booking

Pay Us Only When You Save

Like our product, our pricing model also is unique. There is no extra cost to use TrackMyTkt. We make money only when you save. Pay us a % from the savings when you save.

  • No extra cost burden
  • Pay us small portion from the savings
  • No fees to pay if there are no savings
  • Money saved is money earned