5 Ways Business Travelers disrupt the rules


In 2018, we may expect that developing advances and better procedures may have reduced the amount of cash organizations are losing because of business travelers adding unnecessary costs to their travel spend. We have our extra value air travel savings tool TrackMyTkt, which leverages the technology to track flight prices in real time from the time of booking until the departure and help corporates re-book the tickets when viable savings are identified on the same or similar flight as per the requirement.

It is very essential to have the ability to recognize the ways in which business traveler possibly misuses the system.

1. Out-of-arrangement spending
While many organizations have the policy about what and how they will allow employees to spend on business travel, there are few employees who neglect these strategies and occasionally manage not to get captured. For example, a business traveler may try to submit a report for an INR 750 for dinner when the organization’s policy suggests an outlay of INR 500. These little differences may go unnoticed.


2. Airline travel additional items
Air travel represents a challenge since it is very easy to track premium seat alternatives and need boarding expenses. If a business traveler is just requested to give a credit card statement showing the payment, or if they are booking through a company card, these sorts of additional items may not be visible to accountants or business travel manager.


3. Individual Expenses
A few employees try to claim individual costs as business-related buys. Often, these expenses are for food or drinks. While this could occur at home, if a business traveler uses a corporate card to cover a dinner or present for a mate, it can likewise occur during business travel if a traveler meets friends out, take those friends out, and covers the costs as business-related. It turns out to be more difficult for accountants and travel manager to make variation when the traveler is requested to travel on weekends, making it more tricky to observe if a purchase was identified with work.


4. Out of pocket Costs
The best strategy for getting more money than you deserve it to over-claim on out of pocket costs, for example, booking taxis that only take payment in cash. Sometimes, business traveler is truly stuck in these situations, unable to utilize the organization card or show verification of payment. However, these reasons can also be utilized to diversion the system. A few people even demand a blank receipt to fill the amount as much they want.
5. Double reimbursement
Falling under the class of various reimbursement schemes, a few business travelers search out more than one proof of payment for a single thing and afterward present these forms to various administrators to get paid twice. An employee can easily submit genuine airline travel receipt to one individual in the organization and his or her credit card record to another person. It’s all depending upon the number of the employees working in the organization and how much business travel happens at the organization, a few employees even escape with getting double reimbursement from a similar accountant or business travel manager.

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