Leverage Price Drops on Domestic Flights to Save More


Have you ever wondered if there was a way to figure out when is the best time for booking a domestic flight to ensure maximum savings on the trip that you have been planning for so long? Given the cost aspect which ascertains the travel cost as part of the total trip expenditure, we usually end up waiting for the big airline sales to book our flight tickets for the upcoming trip.


With the recent advent in technological innovation space which has been trying to keep pace with our generation’s thirst for ‘instant gratification’, we have been able to develop a software tool that lets us track flight fares intelligently, now you don’t have to check website by website and wait for the price drop to book a ticket. Keeping that in view our tool will ease your burden and help you to save time as well as money on your domestic air travel. It’s quite evident that domestic air flight prices fluctuate frequently in its endurance, and it is mostly seen in the LCC’s like Indigo, SpiceJet, Jet, GoAir, and various other airlines. We enable the corporates to save money on their air travel approximately 2 to 4 % by tracking it 24×7 and rebooking it at a lower price. For instance, our tool helped one of the leading pharmaceutical company to save more than 6 lakhs in a month on their domestic air travel. This was possible due to the tendency of price fluctuations of the domestic flights and by tracking it 24×7 we were able to identify the best possible savings.


The only miss-interpretation in the minds of the corporates is that domestic airfares don’t drop much & airlines charge higher cancellation fees. Corporates think by rebooking the ticket they are obliged to pay a certain percentage on cancellation/rebooking but the actual fact according to the airline policies is that there are nil charges on cancelling corporate tickets. Taking this into consideration TrackMyTkt creates an opportunity for the corporates to identify the best possible savings on their domestic travel irrespective of the sector which might be in demand or off demand. Further our tool will give deep insights into travel trends to take corrective action.


According to the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), A strong global economy and rising oil prices are expected to push up the cost of domestic air travel in 2019, with fares seen rising 2.6 percent. If implemented this will directly affect the travel budget of the corporates which is already shooting up. TrackMyTkt comes as a savior which helps the corporates to save money and work within the budgetary constraints.

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