Business Challenge

The Travel team at a global pharmaceutical and biotechnology organisation were looking for a comprehensive travel management solution to help them manage air travel such that the overall company travel expenses stays within the allocated annual travel budget.

TrackMyTkt Solution

After the Travel team at the company started emailing tickets to, our airfare tracking software intelligently compared the current flight prices of same or similar flights with the already booked ticket price and when viable savings were identified, we sent alerts to the Travel team to re-book the flight tickets in order to save money.


Within the first month, the company saved around INR 1 Lakhs+ on flight rebooking with an average realized savings of ₹1,245 per rebooking and the analytics reports provided detailed overview of corporate travel with the organization.

Savings At A Glance (Jun 2018)


Total Scanned


Actual Savings


Potential Savings


Scanned Itineraries


Deals Found


Rebooked Itineraries


% Deals Found


Average Savings


% Tickets Rebooked

TrackMyTkt has done a wonderful job in controlling our overall business travel cost. On top of this, the travel analytics and insights reports has proven to be of great value when it comes to understanding the nitty-gritties of our travel-related expenses at company level. We look forward to a mutually beneficial long–term partnership.

Travel Manager, Global Pharmaceutical Company