Business Challenge

The Travel team at a leading pharmaceutical company were looking for an extensive business air travel solution to tap the potential savings on fluctuating airfare. As they have a number of group travel, the company spends a huge amount on air travel which directly effects their overall travel budget.

TrackMyTkt Solution

The Travel team started emailing their group tickets to TrackMyTkt dynamically tracks the flight prices in real time from the point of booking till the point of departure. As an example, TrackMyTkt helped the travel team to rebook the ticket at ₹42,966 with SpiceJet, where the original ticket was booked for ₹57,141 – saving ₹14,175. This was only possible because of their trust in our tool which helped them to save not only in this case but also to save around ₹12.50 lakhs savings for (Oct to Dec 2018)


An easy to implement cost saving tool with immediate result. TrackMyTkt identified around INR 12.50 lakhs worth of potential savings with a realized average saving of ₹2,024 per booking.

Savings At A Glance (Oct to Dec 2018)


Total Scanned


Actual Savings


Potential Savings


Scanned Itineraries


Deals Found


Rebooked Itineraries


% Deals Found


Average Savings


% Tickets Rebooked

TrackMyTkt price tracking technology has scored big savings on corporate travel and reduced the organization's overall airfare spends. A new Idea in the travel industry to save the flight booking costs. The use of TrackMyTkt has reshaped the way people within the program perceive fluctuations in airfare pricing.

Manager, Travel Desk, India-based Pharmaceutical Company