Why Hire a Business Travel Manager?



In order to grow and succeed in today’s fast-paced business world, numerous organizations depend on a robust corporate travel plan. From getting the best flights to booking the hotel accommodations, travel manager and their teams are entrusted to do a wide variety of activities – which are all crucial to guarantee a safe and effective business trip.

If managing your business travel is proving to be a cumbersome task, then hiring a corporate travel manager to assume responsibility seems like a good option. Given below are some of the most compelling reasons to hire business travel managers for a successful corporate travel program:


1. Capable of creating a more effective itinerary

The best part of having a Travel Manager is that they can create an immersive journey for your business trip. if you are traveling for the first time, a travel manager can help you in booking your trip to ensure that you have sufficient time for work as well as recreation. This is essential to limit the impact of business travel burnout on the individuals who travel excessively for business purpose.


2. Can leverage deep industry knowledge

A Corporate Travel Manager stays abreast of the latest updates in travel. They know which travel website offers the best deals, which expense management tools are the most effective, the right time to book, which flight booking site has a last-minute discount policy and so on.


3. Knows how to pick the right travel agent

A Corporate Travel Manager can enhance the travel experience by booking the right hotel and flights. For instance, they can work closely with a travel agent to ensure that it excludes flight bookings with two or more stopovers at different air terminals. Travel Manager is very much aware of the risks related to corporate travel and can take necessary measures to manage it. On top of this, the extra value air travel savings tool TrackMyTkt dynamically tracks flight prices in real time from the time of booking until the departure and helps corporates re-book the tickets when viable savings are identified on the same or similar flight. This will allow the company to realize the potential savings on fluctuating airfare.


4. More time to research and negotiate

The success of corporate travel depends largely on the travel manager. Corporate Travel Manager has more time and resource to assess the best service provider to fit your needs and budget. Moreover, they can influence the service provider with their negotiation skills to the advantage of business travelers.


If you are thinking corporate travel is challenging to you, then it’s time to hire a corporate travel manager.

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